Since December 2020 we have been translating Arabic poetry relating to exile. We are in the process of publishing these poems and adding them to this website. In the meanwhile, here are a few excellent translations of Arabic poetry in exile from which we draw inspiration:

Mahmoud Darwish, A River Dies of Thirst

Edward Said, Reflections on Exile.

Not poetry as such, but central to our thinking about Arabic poetry in exile.

ʻAbd al-Wahhāb Bayātī, Love, death, and exile

Maram Al-Masri, Barefoot Souls (Arc Translations, 2015). Translated from by Theo Dorgan.

Poems originally written in Arabic, translated by the author into French, then translated into English from the French. French translation consists of selections from: Les âmes aux pieds nus. Pantin : Le Temps des Cerises, 2009.

Dunya Mikhail, The War Works Hard (Carcanet/New Directions, 2016). Translated Elizabeth Winslow.
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